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    Hi! Here is my attempt and i mostly have the same problems with everyone else but i would like to ask a few more questions:

    1. In the angel roll-up, Brandon has mentioned to keep our ear close to our shoulder. Does this mean we should be rotating with elevated shoulders, or neutral or depressed shoulders and just simply leaning our head towards the shoulder? I haven’t attempted to rotate yet as I am just feeling this out for now.
    2. During the corkscrew part, i pushed that pole to my waist as i rotate, is that okay? It kinda felt better for the pole not to land direct on my chest.
    3. Also during the corkscrew, my right upper traps really got a cramp when reaching for the pole. Maybe I’m doing something wrong there? Or maybe I’m working it and just getting stronger? 😋
    4. Is there another way to re-grip the Fabric and avoid the twisted grip (after the angel roll) for now? Although this part is more forgiving for my right shoulder, I’m trying to avoid loading it as i practice this repeatedly. I will come back to twisted grip maybe towards the end of the month as i understand this makes transitions smoother.

    All other comments and suggestions on this vid would be most welcome. ☺️