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Full disclosure: I’m not very happy with my submission for this month. March really did a number on me, leaving me with little to no time/energy for training. I had a vacation at the very beginning of the month. I was promoted at my day job to a management position, and we’ve been very understaffed, so I worked way more than I should have. Both my car and my significant other’s had problems. All four of my dogs were sick and needed to be taken to the vet. I’m exhausted. I’m disappointed that I didn’t have more time to polish this, and feel like this video is very rough. I’m trying to be grateful I had time to work on it at all, but can’t help feeling disappointment that I’ve ran out of time. Tomorrow is my next day off, so I may resubmit after I work on it again. I realize it won’t be in time to get 5 stars for the month, but at least I can try to be happy with my best being just a little late. March submission video