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I trained tonight and climbed many many times and only achieved 30% success rate in doing the very hippy entry. So if anyone else is feeling frustrated with the entry, remember you are not alone, and we can do this 🙂 My learnings:
a) I really hate it when the 2 tails overlap and I have to do crazy things with my foot and knee just to get them apart. When they overlap, I just do my best to pick up ANY tail…… until I learned that it matters which one you should get. It has to be the tail closest to the body, the one that is connected to the silk at my back.
b) The most important in the entry move is the part when you have to make the silk wrap around from your right-side-waist to back; and it has to stay above the butt.
c) When b happens successfully, the Tails are almost always properly partitioned already, and thus very easy to knee-in that closest Silk-tail.
Attached is the link to my training video. Warning – It is imperfect and with no flow yet. I’d appreciate feedback. By the way, I have this question- as I do the stag, can it be the right leg instead that goes between the poles so that my right leg is the one in front of me when I do the stag?

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