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Silks Stars Team

    Hi Halene, this is a tough question to answer as it also depends on how stretchy your silks are, and how low your gear above hangs down. It would be safest to start with the mini-rig variation taught in the Q&A replay, which you should have enough height if you bend your knees when you come into the iron cross/angel wing part).
    You’ll be too low for the full combination, but you may be able to do the first part (crochet, climb up, and get into the airplane). Then instead of releasing quickly into the beat, try folding into a pike from airplane very slowly, then grabbing the tails and just slowly going into the front walkover to the mat (also demo’d in the Nov Q&A replay)
    The kimono drop is hard to walk down slowly, and needs more space above to climb up into, so that would be the part I wouldn’t suggest trying with only 9ft. -Brett