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Silks Stars Team

Great questions!
1) the reason you slid in the first part, it looks like the tails fell off your shoulders a bit. Try to transition very carefully as you come upright, focusing on placing the tails as close to your neck as possible so when you come upright the tails stay over your shoulders… if the tails slide off the shoulders you will slide a bit.
2) Yes, holding low on the poles makes it much easier to transition into airplane. Try waiting to open out into your airplane shape until you lower down a bit further and feel the silks supporting your body weight. You’ll feel the silks give you support sooner when hold onto the poles as low as you can from the sitting position that’s the most important part to making that transition smooth.
3) take your time when walking down the drop. Remember to keep
Your legs really piked when you let go from the airplane. Then make sure you fully regrip the tails before un-piking the legs to come upright.
You’re doing good! Looking forward to seeing your progress 🙂