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Silks Stars Team

Thanks for sharing Janice, this is a great start! The biggest factor for getting a good invert after the airplane tail catch (without having to grab the poles, is making sure you don’t have any swaying or spinning of your silks when you first climb up to do this combo. I noticed your point was swinging a bit at the start of the combo, so i recommend that the very first climb from the ground you take, to make sure you are directly under your rigging point and very gentle pull up into your first climb. You should be completely still, no turning or swinging when you do the airplane drop. Doing the invert from there without grabbing the poles is advanced and takes a lot of hinging back and staying super engaged in your core like you’re passing through a front planch. It takes lots of power, so make sure you go for that invert the first time your momentum from the airplane drop swings forwards, rather than taking a second beat back. Also, we’re no expecting ‘Not grabbing the poles’ as part of this month’s challenge. That variation may take a while of consistent training to build up to, so it’s more of an ‘extra credit’ variation. Happy to see you working on it and looking forward to seeing your progression! -Brett