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Silks Stars Team

Good job Yvan and great questions! I’ll go over these in more detail tomorrow, but a couple notes from watching is hold a bit lower on the poles before going backwards into the airplane position, that may take some pressure off your back. The stretchier the fabric you have the harder it might be to get the timing of the beats as you have to work with the bounce! Looks like you almost have it though.. try to work with the timing of the bounce and hinge back a bit more as you invert, the class this month will help you practice that technique more as well, so recommend trying out that follow along class if you haven’t yet. Lastly on the exit after the kimono drop, once you regrip the poles, make sure your legs open and then bring them behind and then pass in between the tails as you invert into the birds nest, right now you are forgetting to do that part. Hope you can make the Q&A tomorrow, if not check out the replay i’ll demonstrate these tips 🙂 -Brett