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I had my first performance all year on October 17, so most of this last month was spent working on that routine. Right after that, I changed jobs and worked 10 days in a row, giving me one free day to work on this before the end of the month. I was being hard on myself at first for not putting more into it as far as the costuming, makeup, and set building (like I had just done for my performance). I did have a witch hat that matched the socks, but it just wouldn’t stay on and I didn’t have the time to figure out a way to make it stay haha. With all of that being said, what came out is something I’m very proud of, and I can’t stop watching! I’m so happy to say Rachel and Brett even awarded me 5 stars for my efforts, and I couldn’t feel more awesome right now! Loving this virtual community and our aerial mentors more than I can even say!

October 2020