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    I have been having a lot of trouble getting the loops to slide to my ankles despite trying my hardest to sink as deep as possible into my pike. I finally made some progress today. These are the things that helped me the most, other than, of course, sinking as deep as possible into my pike. Not sure if these will be helpful to others, but thought I’d share just in case.
    1. Slippery pants – I definitely notice a difference between fabrics. With a more slippery fabric, the loops are more likely to slide down my calves.
    2. Having a slight bend in my elbows and then allowing my arms to straighten as I sink my bootie toward the ground helped me to sink deeper into the pike. I could allow my whole body to sink as I straightened my arms.
    3. Actively trying as hard as I could to pull my toes/knees toward my face the entire time I was sliding down. (Hellooooooooo hip flexers!!)
    4. Shorter loops. This is the thing that actually helped the most. Once I shortened my loops I could make them slide every time and managed 4 or 5 consecutive run throughs without the loops getting stuck behind my knees or calves. To make the loops shorter, I just grabbed higher up on the tails after diving through the poles – just enough fabric to pass around my thigh and reach back for the poles. This still left plenty of slack for the drop at the end.

    I still have a lot of work to do but the loops/ankles issue was becoming quite frustrating so I am happy for today’s break through! Progress video:
    October Day 6