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Silks Stars Team

Hello! This roll up looks like great work! The long legged, short torsoed of us tend to have a long journey with these, although some extra back bending flex can certainly help….. *le sigh* One thing to chew on directly from your posted video, see what activation you can find in the bottom leg as it becomes the top leg, through the hamstring/ glutes (especially!) to rotate the leg from facing the floor to facing the ceiling. Playing with the rollup with the wrap closer to your usual balance point on the hip bones might be helpful. Which ever way you play with it, building the control to keep the legs lifting more to be parallel to the floor as your rotate is the direction to head. With long legs and a lower center of gravity, this is a tough journey, but not impossible. Hope this helps either shake something lose in the way the training feels or gives you some ideas to shake up the task of pushing this rock up this hill.