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Silks Stars Team

Yes, the cues from the demo video are helpful here. In order to get the chest upright at the end of the backflip, the wrap around the thighs have to stay close to the hips and not move down the thighs. Keeping the straddle wide as the legs move from beginning at pointing in front to pass the poles happens with a strong compression of the legs towards the shoulders. The second activation is the lift of the chest at the end, glutes and erectors firing to lift the shoulders upright to finish the rotation, legs pointing towards the floor. You can track the poles with your hands sliding down towards the hips in the first part of the rotation to keep the wrap close to the hips and build the connection of hips to wrap, eventually progressing to not needing the hands because the kick forward that you have worked on keeps the wrap in place. The wrap can move down the thighs if the legs point long enough towards the ceiling for the wraps to shift, so you want to pass the poles quickly and with power to keep the wrap in place. Keep us posted about how it goes!!