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Silks Stars Team

Great question. The short answer is yes. For a star wrap, walking down a double and a single are essentially the same. However, the second rotation built into the wrap for the double means stopping the first rotation of two will include more work/effort to stop one rotation than the work you will need at the end of the single star variation. Part of what makes walking out a single seem like less work is the lock on the leg is giving you an end point of rotation. In the double, the lock is still one rotation away, the ‘end’ has yet to come so you are deciding how slow it goes!
Two factors working in your favor for this Melty variation, the wrap of the tail around the pole gives extra friction and closing in a hard pike/C shape forward belly down to the floor is typically a great way to stop and reset as needed, although not always a comfortable place to hang out!

Brandon can cover this more specifically in the Q&A. Due to the potential second rotation, shoulder safety does become a factor. Double stars have claimed many a shoulder pull over the years, so having specific cues from a coach is key.