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Silks Stars Team

Great question. After the Angel Bomb, the body is mostly supported through the hips and leg wraps, the hips securely on one side of the poles for the landing. Shifting the position of the hips between the hands can help you find where your shoulders are able to take the work from the hip hang, so a shift towards an inverted pike position, hips on the head side of the poles rather than on the leg side of poles where the landing of the Angel Bomb is. Once you find where your shoulders can take the work, then you can start building to taking the hips back on the leg side of the poles (skin the cat) for the leg wrap release. Or even see what success you can find if the hips are primarily between the hands. There are few exercises mentioned above to start finding the power in the back/shoulders/abs when you take the hips behind the shoulders.
Yes, tight pec minors are typical in training aerialists. Some bodies respond well to vigorous digging, some bodies respond better to a softer, slower release. A little bit of self exploration to see what works for your body may take a little trial and error but then you will have a sense on how to approach your tight muscles. Pec and armpit tightness can get pretty tender!!
Keep us posted on how it goes!