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Silks Stars Team

Great question! The restrictions of the wrapped thigh makes the foot lock pathway a bit more narrow. Two places you can find more wiggle room: keeping the slack for the foot lock tighter around the ankle so you have more fabric to manipulate around the foot for the final part of the lock and crossing the paths of the foot and the hand participating in the movement. The foot being locked can travel across the body towards the stabilized leg and the hand wrapping the lock can travel as far past the pinky toe of the locking foot as possible. These two pieces together can give you enough slack to finish the loop under the foot. If using the opposite hand to foot is tricky, trying same hand as foot being locked is possible and has it’s own nuances to manage. However! the slack is easier to move past the pinky toe and therefore the loop is slightly easier to finish for the lock. See what works best for you! Happy training!