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Silks Stars Team

Hi Danica! There a few places you can check in to see if you can find a more engaged/flat croc. If you feel like your bottom elbow is closer to your ribs rather than your hips, you can use a side bend to close the distance between ribs and hips on the bottom arm side to get your elbow under the pelvis. For the arch, you have several places to find arch beyond your lower back, lucky for everyone with lower back concerns! The front of your hips, upper back, and shoulders are all places to pull from to find arch, or in the case, enough arch for a flatter shape. A croc shape may have heels higher that hips, courtesy of serious glute engagement and nice open hip flexors. And the shoulders can be lifted by thinking about pulling the ribs forward, out, and then up to find a long curve to lift the shoulders and head. Upper back arch up exercises (starting with belly down on the floor and lifting the head, shoulders, and ribs off the ground using the back line of the body) can help prepare your croc to find a supported shape on top of the bottom arm. Parts of the Shoulder Support video under the Ground Workouts tab can also be a great place to start. Keep us posted about progress!