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Silks Stars Team

Helene! These are wonderful questions that get at the very heart of managing the exploration and journey of training. I will reach out to Brett and Rachel to see if they have any particular nuggets to share.
Some things that did pop out is your question about rest and the mention of recently changing jobs. Transitions take their time, even when we don’t immediately notice the effects of the changes to our schedule, how our day is structured, what kind of work we are doing, etc. The need for both physical and mental rest fluctuates but is usually greater than we tend to acknowledge and make time in our schedules for. Incorporating a new job into your life even without a strenuous physical activity is an undertaking of size!
It sounds like you have a great team of strength coaches on your side, clear aerial goals, and the will to try things out. Which means you are on a path of training with great tools and help by your side. Taking the time and giving yourself gentle yet determined grace is not necessarily a luxury if you want to learn and train long term.

Curious if we have anyone in the group with more specific strength training programs they love incorporating into their training!