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Hi everyone,

My question is not related to this month’s choreography but more to your usual training routine.
For the aerialists who incorporate progression based strength training into their overal training routine:
– how much volume do you do per week in terms of sets and reps?
– do you periodize your strength program and if so based on which factors?
– how do you incorporate it with your aerial/skills training?
– how do you manage rest?

I have been consistently following strengh building programs for about 1 year and a half with 2 different coaches, alongside my aerial practice. It helps me keep injuries at bay, build foundational strength and balance muscle loading.

I like to keep 4 days dedicated to aerial and 2 days for strengh sessions on the ground.
Lately, I ve found myself a bit squeezed and mentally – physically-overloaded. I have changed jobs 2 months ago and have not been able to settle a weekly training routine yet.
I trying to identify the minimum effective dose of strenght training that enables me to enjoy my air time safely. Have not found it yet.

Does anyone relate?

Thank you for reading me, your experience would greatly help me!