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Silks Stars Team

Hi Janice!

When you roll up before the spin, the looser pole needs to stay close to your belly, even after you let go. In the video posted, your steps are correct and when the looser pole is released, it wraps around the tight pole. This happens sometimes with tension and a swivel when we work close to the rescue eight. So when you go to roll out to the secretary sit, the slack you need to sit is wrapped up around the tight pole. It’s so sneaky which is why sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t! One thing you could try is to continue holding the looser pole in the top hand as you create the spin with the bottom hand. This will keep the poles from wrapping up on you. You are doing all the right things! That looser pole is adding on a wrap when it’s released and it’s very subtle. Please let us know how it goes!