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Hi Kerry, my questions about the Knee Tangle to Cartwheel Star, since I am in Europe and the Q&A is 2AM, I will not be able to ask them live in person.
1) The inverted split (before the banana), is there a nice shape for less flexible people? My split is not great, normally I do a stag instead, but given the wrapped leg that is not a good option. The banana works fine for me. Tips?
2) In the knee tangle, is there a good and elegant way to place the wrap correct in the knee fold? Sometimes the wrap is too high on my thigh and will not come down, I do not like to reposition it by hand since that does not look nice. Tips?
3) I love the drop! in your example I see two cartwheels in a straight direction, and a turn in the end. If I do the drop, I turn after the first cartwheel while doing the second. That looks less simple. Any tips to clean this up? What cue do you give to stay in position ? I tried legs and core tension, but that does not do the trick.
4) I have problems bending the wrapped leg at the end of the drop. Either the drop becomes chaos, or I do it too late (looks funny). Tips on correct timing?

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