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I’m glad I’m not the only one having trouble with the Angel Roll-Ups, but I’m not even going to post my attempt because compared to everyone else’s attempts, you’d think I was a complete and utter beginner 🙈 All I was able to accomplish was holding the floating position- rotation was out of the question, though I tried… In addition to the questions/points above I have this (potentially irrational) fear that I’m going to wreck my shoulder doing this. I don’t have any pain in the shoulder; the only pain is coming from my arm not being used to being wrapped like a Christmas salami, but my left shoulder is not my dominant side. So, in addition to feeling discombobulated simply because it’s my left side, I have that mental block where I’m afraid of getting injured… I can’t attend the Live session but look forward to watching the replay. Thanks all! For those of you who are able, keep on rollin’!