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Hi. I’d appreciate more coaching again based from today’s training. Here are my questions:

1) In parting the Silks (right before the fish pose) ….. I take so much time doing it so it disrupts the flow. Do you have techniques to share on how to do the parting quicker 🙂
2) Is my entry into fish pose already considered “flowy” enough?
3) Tips and comments on the drop preparation would be appreciated.
4) I usually have no problem inverting but why did I struggle to invert in the one right before Hallelujah? What didn’t I do?
5) I ended up halting right before the last drop. So the momentum was not continuous. What did I do wrong?
6) Any more comments would be appreciated.

Thank you for this fun drop. Did you enjoy hearing my screams: “wooooo” “woooo”. Haha.