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Hi guys! So I’m super stoked to (slowly) be getting back into silks after partially dislocating my left shoulder back in May (not aerial-related, I literally just fell out of bed and landed weird…sigh). This month I’ve mostly been focused on getting my strength back, but today I was able to work on the July challenge a bit! There are still a bunch of things I can’t do (hence the awkward one-handed Marchenko), but I tried my best to make that look like an intentional choreographic decision and not a “crap that hurts, abort mission” type thing 😜
Please excuse my technical difficulties with kicking the tail in the meat hook, as well as the strugglebus that was separating the poles (despite those things this was the best overall video for showing the actual skills). Also please forgive my microbends and other various fumbling, like I said I’m still working on getting back to where I was. I had some trouble building and maintaining spin today, but watching my videos back I think if I keep my right hand lower on the pole so that my body is more horizontal, that will probably help, especially since I’m less likely to smack myself with the tail that way. If you have any other tips or feedback, that’d be greatly appreciated! Thanks 😊