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    I love the starfish roll out to TikTok combo. The tik tok is my favorite move in hammock, I love the dynamics of it. Did not consider the possibility to do it on silks. I also love the “last dance” intension idea. I work often with intensions in my lessons, had not considered this one. Magical 🙂

    Some questions:
    – what in-between posed do you recommend for les flexible people that cannot do a full split. Some inspiration would be nice!
    – Is there a way to split the silks smoothly when entering for the cross back?
    – The end drop tiktok has a tendency to look a bit wobbly. If you do it in hammock with correct timing, it looks really nice and smooth and fluent. Any tips to get the same effect in the silk TikTok?
    – The climbing up to “load” the TikTok wraps also gives away the surprise a bit. If you do multiple, it is a repetition and also I have tendency to reposition my hands while climbing up. What is the best and smoothest way to do this? How can I camouflage that I am wrapping for a final TikTok drop?
    – normally at the end of the drop you do something to increase the effect. E.g. throw your arms so the drop looks bigger. Any tips to maximize the tik tok drama ?

    Thank you so much, Amanda!